by Pagan of Pagan Hel Reviews (Liverpool, U.K.)

Being in this business allows me to experience all sorts of genres and indeed various types of music, expanding my tastes far and wide as metal and none metal goes. After reviewing Martyr Art’s album Distorted Interpretations way back in 2013, I naturally jumped at the chance to review the latest single from Joe Gagliardi III a.k.a Martyr Art entitled ‘Friday 13th Nintendo Theme’

The thing that strikes me the most on this single are the keyboards that undulate through a striking passage that doesn’t contain vocals and indeed doesn’t need them, as its stunning portrayal of dramatic reassuring endeavor, offers muscular riffs and intriguing urgency that simply cuts like a knife and more than whet’s the appetite!

Starting off with simple little choppy notes it builds to an all-out climax of infused elements and pure emotion. The electronic bursts and that dark whispered sigh speaks volumes, amid other incidental sounds that capture the ears in unequalled detail.

It radiates a certain warmth despite it being a torrential downpour of ravenous riffs that compel and ignite with velocity and magnetic persuasion.

I still cannot comprehend the art that has gone into making this single and all done by one man Joe Gagliardi III. His efforts for this track alone should not go unrecognized as well as creating an atmospheric ambiance all his own. It persistently advances its own endeavors and leads the way in intense energy that spikes and accentuates a further deepening assault on the audial.

The slices of melody excite and thrill with insatiable pleasure. As the track builds to its peak it taunts and teases in all the right places, without being over-zealous and pushy, it corrupts in such a way that it just explodes into an epic track that gives out further dimensions for listeners to follow.

In all, this is one extremely haunting and sinister track that goes all the way with no half measures into the bargain, as well as being highly addictive in its exploits!  What you get here is a well-crafted piece of art that mesmerizes and impacts as soon as the play button is released.

Martyr Art has gone above and beyond the realms of possibility turning this music into a masterpiece and comes highly recommended, raising the bar several notches higher than expected! I personally think Joe should be extremely proud of this creation as it is certainly unparalleled by rivals of this genre. Guaranteed to give your ears an unrelenting work out! 10/10

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