Reviewed by John Moriarty

Growing up as a child I remember my brief experience playing Friday the 13th on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I remember how confused and lost I felt when confronted with the map of Crystal Lake. I remember once i gained footing in the story I would be greeted by its astronomical difficulty curve. I remember how easily Jason would cut my camp counselors down with slashes that drained my life bar with harrowing speed. I remember, most importantly, giving up on the game entirely for fear of forming an aneurism at the tender age of seven.

Despite the immeasurable stress and frustration I incurred from this experience, the gameʼs soundtrack was outstanding. There is a quality of 8-bit music that can truly dredge up a powerful feeling of nostalgia, one which can color bad experiences into fond memories. Martyr Artʼs visitation to the Friday the 13th theme song not only helps paint a more satisfying experience of a childhood trauma, but advances the songʼs depth tremendously.

Martyr Art is the brain child of solo artist Joe Gagliardi, a jack-of-all-trades in music, from instrumentals to mixing. His sound is rooted in the tradition of metal, grunge, and industrial rock. Gagliardi is incredibly versatile and disciplined, always seeking and achieving innovation, perpetually advancing his sound. This is ever the more evident in Friday the 13thʼs Nintendo Theme. Taking the foreboding melody from the Nintendo nightmare, Martyr Art laces the track with the perfect measure of accuracy and evolution. If youʼre a classic gaming fan, you will immediately recognize the song, but will be introduced to Gagliardiʼs masterful guitar work that is both articulate and guttural. His sound is exceptionally clean, a true reflection of the manʼs talent in sound engineering.

Any type of art relies on a comprehensive understanding of its source material and they ability to evolve our expectations. Martyr Artʼs transformation of this 8-bit classic does so with unforgiving efficacy, conveying a true love for the craft of music as well as the songʼs source material. You must listen to this re-imagining of the Friday the 13th Theme Song, whether youʼre an avid gamer, a slasher flick fanatic, or even a music aficionado. To hear this visit

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