“Art.Beauty.Chaos Volume Two” Album Review
by H.K. of Outsider Magazine

Throughout the making of this album, my pal JD dropped hints as to what he was up to. I must say, my anticipation was growing. When I finally got my copy from JD, I took it home, popped it in my stereo, sat back and let the experience begin.

Martyr Art creates an atmosphere for the listener, and this sophomore album really seems like a journey through the life of it’s creator. While JD’s music is always highly personal, Vol. 2 conquers the task of making you feel at home in the music.

Just like Vol. 1, Vol.2 is written and performed entirely by JD. This album has that “satisfied” quality to it that musicians like Trent Reznor pull off. This is achieved not just in styling, but in a level of perfectionism that tells you this album was not released until everything was just the way it should be.

Each song has it’s own feel to it. Undertones range from Industrial, New Wave, and Thrash to Punk. JD’s vocals even have a much broader range than on his proceeding effort.