“Art.Beauty.Chaos Volume Two” Album Review
by Scotty V. (HVScene.com)

This CD sounds like one of those guys who makes the “mood” CDs you see at the check-out lines at the grocery store got high and decided to make”rebellious” music after attending a Nine Inch Nails concert.

Distorted vocals mix with distorted-to-fuzz guitars while drum loops and synthesizers try to create a sound- scape that would fit a straight-to-video sci-fi flick.This stuff has been done to death, and it’s been done much better. There are some interesting moments here and there, but they pop up so sporadically amongst the midst of pure crap that you’re not sure if they are purposeful or accidental.

A listener would need to be on some serious hallucinogenics to appreciate this, and even then, would probably experience a bad trip in the process.

Score: 5/10