by Sorrow Eternal

Hudson Valley, NY’s Martyr Art have posted their cover of the theme from the classic Friday The 13th Nintendo game on their Bandcamp page, and you can stream that below.

Of the track, Joe Gagliardi commented:

“This is my unique cover of the Cabin Theme, which is very much considered to be one of the best-ever Nintendo Themes ever composed for the original NES Gaming System.This is, by far the most difficult NES game to play, since it’s impossible to actually beat the game. Also, Jason jumping out from the sides of the T.V. screen use to scare the living shit out of me… so much so that I would continuously punish myself and force myself to play this frightening game. I’ve been tinkering with my rendition of this theme for quite sometime. After putting in 4-years into the ‘Distorted Interpretations’ album, I decided that maybe I should take the pressure off myself and have fun making music. The process shouldn’t always be a struggle and completely draining.”