03/23/19 | CANCELLED: Witchkiss, Mama Doom and Martyr Art @ The Switch Inn (Middletown, NY)
02/16/19 | CANCELLED: Entropy, Crypt Strypper, Martyr Art and Cell 63 @ The Anchor (Kingston, NY)
02/01/19 | Dissolve, Sickbay and Martyr Art @ The Chance Theater (Poughkeepsie, NY)
01/11/19 | MaMa Doom, The Reagans, Martyr Art, Crypt Strypper and Teethcutter @ Snugs (New Paltz, NY)
11/23/18 | MaMa Doom, Crypt Strypper, Martyr Art and Krueger @ Crazy Dan’s (New Paltz, NY)
10/12/18 | Prime Suspect, Martyr Art, Teethcutter and more @ The Wherehouse (Newburgh, NY)
10/05/18 | Crypt Strypper, Martyr Art and Dead Witch @ Crazy Dan’s Second Hand Hardcore and More (New Paltz, NY)
09/22/18 | ‘FearFaith Machines’ Album Launch Party! @ 2 Alices Coffee Lounge (Newburgh, NY)
06/29/18 | Necroptic Engorgement, The Begotten, MaMa Doom and Martyr Art @ Snug Harbor (New Paltz, NY)
05/19/18 | The Begotten, Hellkeeper and Martyr Art @ (The Anchor, NY)
04/20/18 | Dissolve, Martyr Art and Prime Suspect @ Quinn’s (Beacon, NY)
10/13/17 | Clover, Tusko and Martyr Art @ Lucky 13 Saloon (Brooklyn, NY)
09/29/17 | CANCELLED: Mama Doom, Martyr Art and The Hot @ The Wherehouse (Newburgh, NY)
09/02/17 | Blast Furnace, Necroptic Engorgement, 420 Stomp and Martyr Art @ The Switch Inn (Middletown, NY)
09/01/17 | Martyr Art, Knock Yourself Out, Surmiser and The Fatalitees @ My Place Pizza (Poughkeepsie, NY)
08/11/17 | Martyr Art, Mama Doom and The Dub Mob @ The Wherehouse (Newburgh, NY)
08/05/17 | O+ Festival – Day 2 – (Poughkeepise, NY)
08/04/17 | Exit 17, Martyr Art, Mama Doom & Kenny @ Snug Harbor (New Paltz, NY)
07/14/17 | Martyr Art, The Reagans, The Dub Mob and LocoFreeq @ The Anchor (Kingston, NY)
07/07/17 | Martyr Art, Mama Doom, Surmiser, Exit 17 and Head Stomp Syndicate @ My Place Pizza (Poughkeepsie, NY)
12/18/16 | Outsider Magazine presents an matinee with Martyr Art and Malcolm Tent @ 2 Slices Coffee House (Newburgh, NY)
07/08/16 | ‘PIZZA AND BEER FEST’ featuring Circuit of Suns, Sabretooth, Human Extinction, Breathe The Skyline, Martyr Art and Mattrix @ My Place Pizza (Poughkeepsie, NY)
06/18/16 | ‘Newburgh Illuminated Festival’ featuring Corey Glover (Living Colour), The Funk Junkies, Decora, Martyr Art, Talking Machine, The Dub Mob, Surmiser, The Grape and The Grain, V-Flux and others (Newburgh, NY)
06/03/16 | WDST and Locally Grown with MK presents on-air interview with thee Newburgh Illuminated Festival, Martyr Art and Outsider Magazine
06/01/16 | WRRV and Darkside Records presents on-air interview and worldwide exclusive of “Money” by Martyr Art
05/28/16 | Summer Remix w/ I’M AWAKE, Martyr Art, Jeremy Torres, Wolf Critton, Michelle Sangalli, Matt Booth and Angela Rose Crisci @ Teran Studios (Newburgh, NY)
04/14/16 | Open Mic Night w/ParkTruth, Martyr Art and more @ Oasis Cafe (New Paltz, NY)
03/30/16 | Open Mic Night w/ Lara Hope, Martyr Art and more @ The Anchor (Kingston, NY)
02/19/16 | Brick By Brick, Head Stomp Syndicate, King Pariah, Martyr Art and Stealing Deadwood @ The Loft (Poughkeepsie, NY)
02/17/16 | Open Mic Night w/ Human Extinction, Martyr Art and more @ The Anchor (Kingston, NY)
09/25/15 | DOYLE, Dr. Death, Vision Serpent, and Martyr Art @ The Chance Theater (Poughkeepsie, NY)
08/08/15 | Moon Tooth, 100andZero, Martyr Art and Cell 63 @ Tuscan Cafe (Warwick, NY)
06/20/15 | ‘Newburgh Illuminated’ featuring Saul Williams, Corey Glover (Living Colour), The Funk Junkies, Decora, Martyr Art and others (Newburgh, NY)
05/09/15 | Cell 63, Martyr Art, The Gentlemen and Talking Machine @ My Place Pizza (Poughkeepsie, NY)
05/04/15 | ‘Poughkeepsie Live’ Taping at Suicide Studios (Newburgh, NY)
04/06/15 | Punkcast for Pod People (episode #5) featuring Outsider Magazine and Martyr Art (Undisclosed, NY)
03/20/15 | Drowning Pool, Adrenaline Mob (R.I.P. AJ), Full Devil Jacket, One Day Waiting and Martyr Art @ The Chance Theater (Poughkeepsie, NY)
10/03/14 | ‘Loud At The Library’ featuring Entropy, Tesla’s Revenge, ???? And Martyr Art @ Newburgh Library (Newburgh, NY)
08/30/14 | Adesta, Colrain Living, …In Another Castle and Martyr Art @ The Anchor (Kingston, NY)
06/20/14 | ‘Newburgh Illuminated Festival Kick-off’ featuring Martyr Art, Dead Empires, Locutss, Armedalite Rifles and Young Blacks @ Newburgh Library (Newburgh, NY)
08/04/2012 | Spin Cycle Lava, Voodelic, Martyr Art, New Creek People, Liquid Ernie, Zonder Kennedy & The Scotville Junkies, The Johnny Monster Band, Funk Button, Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers, Conehead Buddha, Creeper, Brandon Advance and DJ Ean Nice @ Farmageddon (Saugerties, NY)
06/05/2010 |An Evening with Autumn Fire and Martyr Art @ Cavallo’s Restaurant (New Hartford, NY)
04/17/2010 | Newburgh Tee Party Fashion Show Brands: Outsider Threads, New Blak, Truburgh, Starrs Collide and Business As Usual 21 Music by DJ McCay and Martyr Art @ Karpele’s Manuscript Museum (Newburgh, NY)
10/23/2007 | Outside Influence, Enemy of Everyone and Martyr Art @ Dexter’s Entertainment (Riverdale, NJ)
10/12/2007 | Martyr Art, Saint James, Mercy Street & Captain K and the Jolly Rogers @ Club 188 (Newburgh, NY)
07/23/2005 | Malamor, Crag, From Beyond Death, Martyr Art, Guardian and Zookillbot @ Senior Citizens Center (Saugerties, NY)
06/11/2005 | Theater of Pain and Martyr Art @ The Chance Theater (Poughkeepsie, NY)
02/11/2005 | Music by Martyr Art, Visual Stimuli by Michael Oppenheimer and Poetic Interpretations by Steve Gianotti @ Club 188 (Newburgh, NY)
10/30/2004 | K.M.F.D.M., DJ Acucrack & Martyr Art @ The Chance Theater (Poughkeepsie, NY)