T H E . D E S I R E . O F . M I C H A E L . M Y E R S

Behind these hollow eyes, an ancient evil lies
I patently await, calculating
A killing spree on All Hallow’s Eve
I’ll allow this darkness inside to set itself free…

I’m home…

Production Info
Recorded, Edited, Mixed and Mastered at Vindicated Sound Design (Newburgh, NY) between August 23, 2019 and October 13th, 2019 by Joe Gagliardi III.

La Bella Strings
Clayton Custom Guitar Picks
Ibanez Guitars
Avid ProTools 12

Special Thanks to Alto Music, La Bella Strings and Clayton U.S.A.

”Halloween: The Desire of Michael Myers” is from the perspective of The Shape.

The overall concept is that you’re within Michael’s mind, listening to his inside voice as he fantasizes about unleashing his wrath on All Hallow’s Eve.

Once the stalking NIN-inspired grove drops into a Fantomas thrash-frenzy, you are pulled into the thick of the terror, chasing after the helpless victims of the evening. The shrill screams of horror bathe your mind in the brutal act – all of which concludes in his achievement, marked by an overwhelming crescendo.

The third movement of the song follows as the tempo incrementally descends into darkness. The victims slowly bleed out, their lives flashing before their eyes. Knowing that they only have moments to live, gazing in terror, their lives conclude with a shallow last breath.