‘FearFaith Machines’ Album Review (Ring Master – U.K.)

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Self-Dubbed as digital metal, the Martyr Art sound is a voracious mix of varied metal and industrial/electronic textures with more besides from an artist which embraces technology as eagerly as

(Pagan Hel Reviews) “Friday The 13th (Nintendo Theme)”

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by Pagan of Pagan Hel Reviews (Liverpool, U.K.) Unparalleled!!! Being in this business allows me to experience all sorts of genres and indeed various types of music, expanding my tastes

(Outsider Magazine) “Friday The 13th (Nintendo Theme)” Review

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Reviewed by John Moriarty Growing up as a child I remember my brief experience playing Friday the 13th on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I remember how confused and lost I felt

(Outsider Magazine) ‘Distorted Interpretations’ album review

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Reviewed by Xander Folsom (Outsider Magazine) Published in Issue #29   Martyr Art’s 2013 release, “Distorted Interpretations”, is a bold slap in the face of convention. Instead of wedging themselves

(Grave Concerns E-Zine) A Winning Album! ‘Distorted Interpretations’ album review

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A winning album! written by Pagan Hel for Grave Concerns e-Zine Yes for the eclectic souls among us! I find it a bit of a shock that the band class

(Biggest Letdown) ‘ABCv3’ album review

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ABCv3 Album Review by Andrew B. Wilkins (BiggestLetdown.com) This album makes me want to have kids, wait a few years for them to grow up, and then one day explain

(Outsider Magazine) “Art.Beauty.Chaos Volume II” Album Review

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"Art.Beauty.Chaos Volume Two" Album Review by H.K. of Outsider Magazine Throughout the making of this album, my pal JD dropped hints as to what he was up to. I must

“Art.Beauty.Chaos Volume Two” Album Review by FunkerFla (iTunes)

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Hint of industrial, strong metal guitars, great vocals and lyrics...A treat for any fan of Depeche Mode, older Metallica, NIN, and even some hints of Madonna influence thrown in there.